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Hanson Horse Ranch

Gold Digger's Tuff-E-Nuff H.

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Gold Digger's Tuff-E-Nuff H. aka "Reb"
MFTHBA #05-85853

July 7, 2009

"Reb" is a 2005 model dapple grey 14.1-14.2H Missouri Fox Trotter gelding. He is blue papered and is from good bloodlines. He has a great flatwalk and a very smooth foxtrot. He is easy to catch and saddle. There is no problem working on his feet or giving him shots. Don bought him in Missouri this spring and has over $3000 tied up in him. The problem: He is spooky on the trail and doesn't want to stand still to enjoy the scenery along with his 70 year old rider. He hasn't bucked during the time that he's had him. He hasn't been loped at all by us or by the previous owner. Stops well, plow reins well, and is quiet in the round pen. If a younger experienced horseman spends a little time on him he will make a great saddle horse. Call 701-996-2281 or e-mail
7/7/09 - Update:  Don bought him because the previous owners advertised the horse as: a dead-broke, neck reining, sidepassing, wonderful trail horse - perfect for an older rider.  However, Don came to find out that Reb does not neck rein, he does not sidepass, and is spooky on the trail.  Reb will ride well in the round pen, but when he's out on the trail he tends to find the boogey-man a little too easily yet.  Reb needs more miles put on by a younger, less fragile rider.  He still could be a good trail horse with more experience and time spent with him.  Stops well, smooth gaits, started with neck reining, stands still as you mount & dismount.  Likes to be at the front of the group on rides, he will move out.  Easily saddled/bridled.   Used to clippers.  Has been shod.  Does not pace at all.  Video available upon request.  Come try him out!!
Update 7/14/2010:  He has been at the trainer for a few months now and still is.  She has done extensive ground work with him and has now been taking him out trail riding.  She says he has some "go" and will still occasionally see boogey men, but he has come a long way.  He has grown some and filled out more as well.  If you're interested in taking a look at him, contact Don for details.  SOLD!


Wyatt & Brittany Hanson
Sheyenne, ND 58374
(701) 996-2015
Cell: (701) 739-0881
Don & Gail Hanson
Sheyenne, ND 58374
(701) 996-2281
Cell: (701) 351-2181


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