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Grade gelding

Chigger & Brittany
4th of July Parade

Chigger was a beautiful dun grade gelding.  We bought him May, 2006 so we would have another well-broke riding horse for our lengthy trail rides.  He was a great horse - so well-broke and just an overall gentle boy.  When we bought him, we were told that he was 11 years old, and that the guy had owned him since he was a colt.  Winter came along that year, and he dropped weight like you couldn't believe.  Found out he had an infection in one of his molars and had his tooth pulled.  We cared for him with all our hearts and thought he was getting better until that spring he was actng very arthritic in his hindquarters.  We later found out by another vet who aged him that he was closer to 23 years old than 11.  Just goes to show that there are some people who don't care about what's right and what's wrong, just so long as they benefit from the deal.  Thank you Chigger for the wonderful, fun rides we had and in the short time we had them!!


Wyatt & Brittany Hanson
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Don & Gail Hanson
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