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Doc Ruby Hickory

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Doc Ruby Hickory aka "Ruby"

Successful Badlands Hunt

Ruby is a 2007 bay AQHA filly.  DOB 4/12/2007.  Her dam is Roanie and her sire is AQHA Rockin Docs Hickory, a bay stallion.  She has a super build, muscular hind-quarters, nice head, and is easy to get along with.

Check out Ruby's pedigree, it's like a Who's Who of performance horses. She has a lot of foundation bloodlines.  Ruby has greats like Paprika Pine, Krogs Papdahleo, Bar Beaus Watch, Docs Hickory, and Olenas Command ON her papers.  Barely off her papers are Barry Pine, Monsanto Bar, Tyrees Watch, Beau Bars Miss, Beau Bar Mujer, Black Gold Zan, Doc Bar, Doc Olena, Tabano Kathy, and Miss Chickasha.  She also traces back to Joe Hancock 10 times and Hickory Bill and Peter Mccue many, many more times. 

Click here to see Ruby's pedigree.

Ruby is broke, can back, will pony other horses, and can be hobbled. She picks up all her feet, has her feet trimmed regularly, is UTD on shots and dewormer, and is excellent at lungeing.  Very easy to catch and is very friendly. She'll be low to the ground and WIDE, built for tight corners at high speed.  I originally thought she would make 15 hands, but I've changed my mind - now I'm thinking more like 14.2 or 14.3, something like that.  Although, her string test says she'll be 15H, don't know if having a baby so early in life will effect her final height much.   She was slightly under 14.0H on 5/2/09, on 11/27/09 she measured 14.0 1/2" H, and on 6/13/10 she was about 14.1H. We got a round to measuring her in April 2014 and she finished off at a little better than 14.2H.

Ruby was taken on a Montana backcountry unit elk hunt in September, 2011.  She was used as a riding and pack horse.  She did excellent!  Too bad we were snowed out and had to leave before getting an elk.  We went back to hunt the later season, but did not bring horses along.

Ruby also got some experience with cows fall, 2011.  She was used to help gather and chase cows around a half dozen times.  She did really well.  She likes to get out and move, rides around with her ears up, and can be used to push cows from the back of the pack or will happily be the lone, lead horse in front of the group.  Sure-footed, and extremely smooth to ride, whether it be at the walk, trot, or lope.  She was used to pony a horse that she was unfamiliar with and was excellent.  Doesn't get worried or fidgety if she and her rider are left alone somewhere.

Sept.2016 Update: Ruby had a horrible injury from barbwire last fall(lots of exposed bone), but has healed remarkably well from it. She managed to keep in foal through it all though and had a Famous Black Ty bay filly this Spring! What a trooper!

11/18/10: As you can see from the pictures above and below that we had a very good/successful time out west.  Wyatt brought Ruby and Sam brought Kit.  It was Kit's 2nd trip out there and Ruby's 1st.

2010 Badlands Hunting Trip

2010 Badlands Hunting Trip

2010 Badlands Hunting Trip

2010 Badlands Hunting Trip
Game & Fish Aged him @ 6 1/2 years old!

Bob Marshall Wilderness

May 2011
Ruby on a trail ride.

July, 2010
nice eye

July, 2010


Feb. 20, 2010
Snows getting deep

June 2008


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